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Flash Benchmark Workshops

The Flash Benchmark Workshops

palais brongiart
Two workshops are organized during the event, the first on April 5th and the second on April 6th.

Organizational aspects:

Open to exhibitors and non-exhibitors on the basis of a balanced distribution.
Flash Benchmark in each workshop, there will be three speakers companies each represented by a speaker. One theme is chosen for each workshop.
Each workshop lasts one hour (15 minutes each with a 15 minutes discussion).
The content is provided by the companies concerned and approved by the organizer. The pre-recorded file is made available after the event (name - first name - company - based - email).

Promotion :

The Flash Benchmark workshop program is mentioned on the invitation cards, the web and in the press release sent to reporters before the event. He is on the official catalog offered to all visitors. For his part, the exhibitor is promoting his studio to its clients and prospects that may invite.

Hall :

Flash Benchmark workshops will be held in the Grand Auditorium (600 seats).


€ 1 330 per participating company and Flash Benchmark workshop

€ 2 660 excluding VAT per participating company and Flash Benchmark workshop

     - April 5th in the afternoon (to be precised later)
     - April 6th in the afternoon (to be precised later)