Putting the spotlight on business relations.

Business contacts take centre stage

Exhibitors at the two-days event will have all the necessary tools at their disposal to present their solutions and new products, secure customer loyalty, extend their networks of existing and prospective clients, and make personal business contacts in an intimate, business-focused atmosphere.

…From turnkey stands to organising Meet-Ups, Expertise Benchmark workshops and gatherings, from Guided Tours to Data Pitches and meetings with peers, everything is done to facilitate participation and enable exhibitors to present their expertise to the greatest number of visitors possible and enhance their brand image…

Three Agora aeras, true incubators of talents

The three Agora areas are collective spaces reserved for young companies and very small businesses. These areas are reserved for national companies that are either less than 3 years old or have fewer than 5 employees, and for foreign companies that are not yet established in France.

In addition to a presence on the event, these companies will be provided with furniture and collective signage. The communication package includes registration in the official catalogue, access to the Club Prestige, unlimited e-invitations, 2 exhibitors access badges and a 2-day wifi package.

Only a maximum of 2 of the company representatives will be allowed in this area.

Price : 2 350€ excluding VAT (2 050€ excl. VAT + communication package at 300€ excl. VAT)

                                             The Sensory aera

The Sensory aera is a collective space where exhibitors are keen to give visitors at Le Printemps des études a sensory experience.

These companies benefit from a turnkey space including: 1 high counter, 3 high stools, 1 leaflet display unit, a trash bin, a back wall with common signage, an electrical connection, carpeting and spotlights.

The communication package is identical to that offered in the Agoras.

Only a maximum of 2 of company representatives will be allowed in this area.

Price : 3 000 € excluding VAT (2 700€ excl. VAT + communication package at 300€ excl. VAT) 

Visitors include :

  • CEOs
  • Chief Communications Officers/Communications Managers
  • Chief Marketing Officers/Marketing Managers
  • Chief Research Officers/Research Managers
  • Chief Digital Officers/Digital Managers
  • Research and Survey Agencies Directors/Staff
  • Chief Innovation/Innovation Managers

Exhibitors incude :

• Communications and research consultancies
• Market research and consulting companies
• Sociological  monitoring and trends specialists
• Media research firms
• Internet research firms
• Social media research firms
• Opinion poll agencies
• Service providers
• Panel and community specialists