The Testimonials and Feedback Conferences

Two of these “Testimonials and Feedback” conferences are organized during Le Printemps des Études. The speaking companies and their client or expert will be selected by the Program Committee upon their call on papers.


Opened to exhibitors and non-exhibitors. These 1h30 conference give the floor to 3 or 4 pairs of speakers (MR agencies or service providers + clients or experts) to share their approaches of the topic and answer questions from the audience and the moderator.
Le Printemps des études’ Program Committee will select, based on content and quality, the speakers who will take part, free of charge, in this conference.

Promotion :

The program of the Testimonials and Feedback Conferences will be featured on the trade show invitation cards and website as well as in the press kit sent to journalists prior to the event. It will also be included in the official trade show catalogue handed out to all visitors. The speaking company may promote their conferences to any clients and prospective customers they may invite.


The Testimonials and Feedback Conferences are held in the amphithéâtre Havane.

Prices :

The speakers are selected by the organiser and the Program Commitee based on content and quality (call on papers are launched 6 months before the event). 

Time slots :
In the afternoons of September 26 & 27 2024.

Here are the 3 themes defined by the Program Committee amongst 2 will be selected based on the call for papers received.

Download the forms by clicking on the title of the conference you wish to submit your contribution.

To really innovate tomorrow in today’s world, but from what? Examples of studies, protocols, collaborations.

Insights to actions: ROI, Knowledge Management, Activation, Impact’s measure, Implementation…

BSR (Brand Social Responsibility): how studies can help the brands’ missions or mission-led brands? And encourage real behavioral changes.








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