The major professional event of the Research, Data, Insights’ sector,

with a relational and qualitative dimension displayed.

In 2011, companies and professional organisations in the polling, marketing research and opinion polling sector came together within the Re-Création inter-professional group, with the aim of designing an annual event that would fully meet the expectations of the industry’s players and users.

And so, in April 2012, Le Printemps des études, the professional gatherings in Research, Data, Insights was born, organised by the relationship communications agency, Empresarial.

Now based at Le Palais des Congrès in Paris, Printemps des études continues to be the professional event that represents the diversity of the industry, a genuine tool for understanding the innovative dimension of the sector, and an aid to decision-making and action for advertisers.

A wide range of conferences and content are offered: 12 major conferences, 60 meet-ups, 2 Expertise Benchmark Workshops, 2 Testimonials and Feedback conferences, 16 Guided Tours, 20 Data pitches.

Le Printemps des études also includes: 130 companies, 3 Agoras, 1 Sensory Space, 1 Data Village, a Club Prestige and a Networking cocktail party, all designed to facilitate exchanges and dialogue.

An event resolutely focused on quality in terms of content and exchanges.

2 days to stop and think…
2 days to enjoy personalised professional encounters
2 days to update your knowledge and understand new means and tools in marketing and communication

For its 11th session in 2023, Le Printemps des études brought together 130 companies from the industry and welcomed 2,114 professional visitors (+18%).