The Meet-Ups

Almost 70 meet-ups are organised on the trade show.


– The Meet-Up schedule will be shared equally between exhibitors and non-exhibitors.
– Meet-Up topics are to be proposed by the exhibitor and approved by trade show organisers and the
Program Committee.
– Visitors interested in one or more Meet-Ups must pre-register on the trade show website. A list of these will be distributed to the organizing company, which will draw up a list of selected attendees and inform them directly via Le Printemps des Etudes website. Maximum: Two Meet-Ups per company (one per day).
– Each Meet-Up will last 45 minutes (30-minute talk followed by a 15-minute Q&A).

– Given the limited number of Meet-Ups, reservations will be taken on a “first come, first served” basis.

– Meet-Ups will run successively from 8.30am to 12.45pm and from 2pm to 7pm, depending on the room.


The Meet-Up programme will be featured on the trade show invitation cards and website as well as in the press kit sent to journalists prior to the event. It will also be included in the official trade show catalogue handed out to all visitors. Exhibitors may promote their Meet-Ups to any clients and prospective customers they may invite.

Conference room equipment:

All of the conference rooms in the Palais are furnished and equipped with a screen, a video projector and a sound sytem (computers, HDMI and VGA cables, remote controls and extension leads not provided). A hostess will be assigned to welcome attendees. A paperboard can be provided upon prior request.
A representative from your company will be on hand to welcome visitors with the list of attendees that you confirmed via the event website’s back-office. This back-office system gives you access to the list of visitors interested in your talk (surname, first name, company, email address and job title).

2024 Prices

ROOMS CAPACITY                    PRICES / ROOM
337M 30 seats                            2 180 € HT
333M 40 seats                            2 700 € HT
314 50 seats                            3 100 € HT
315 60 seats                            3 450 € HT
353 80 seats                            4 525 € HT
352A 100 seats                          4 900 € HT
351 150 seats                          6 600 € HT
Non-exhibitors will be charged double the rental price paid by exhibitors.








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